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Welcome to Locksmith Mercer Island, we are a dedicated team of professionals always improving their ways of solving your security issues. “History never stops, and neither do we,” that is what our founders always said, because they knew the importance of keeping up with technology if we wanted to help our citizens protect their property. Following this principle, we decided to become a high-tech centered enterprise, adding the new technological advances to our daily practice. Locksmith Mercer Island got the leadership in the market thanks to its adaptability and resourcefulness. Quality is our business card, and since our company entered in the field, we always offered the most recent security solutions. Our first job was the installation of surveillance hardware for the Mercer Island School District, allowing our teachers to keep an eye on children and the building surroundings. It was a big concern for the staff working there at the time, and we managed to do it without any issues. Nowadays, we are capable of providing you with the best security choices in many other aspects; as we have managed to successfully solve locksmith-related problems for commercial and automotive customers. Our team covered their most urgent needs with record response times, which gained us their complete trust. We are prepared for attending any unexpected circumstances: when a key breaks or when locksmith emergencies (this could happen at any moment, and it is terrifying) like finding yourself or a relative locked-in or lock-out happen, we will come to save the day! Locksmith Mercer Island has the advantage of being a well-trained team of professionals with the endorsement of the Associated Locksmith of America. We are deeply committed to our clients to provide them the fastest solutions. Offering quick responses and a fine treatment, we will make great efforts to find the best way of serving you. We stick together as a family, and try to be as near to you as possible, and that’s why we plan to open more agencies all across the Mercer Island in the next years. With a phone call or a couple of clicks, our technicians will arrive anywhere you are, with a proper uniform and a well-identified vehicle… or steamboat!